Whiskey, Scotch, Beer, Hot Towl Shaves & Badass Haircuts



30 minutes, Appointment Slot, Consultation, Haircut, Neck Shave, Wash, Style and Drink.



Tea tree lotion/Steam Towel Pre-Shave Prep, Superior Straight Razor Shave, Post Shave warm Towel Cleanse, Tea Tree moisturizing application, Cool Towel to seal the pores, Towel Dry, and wrap up with a quick neck massage to bring blood back to the head.


Haircut & Beard Trim

30 minutes, Appointment Slot, Consultation, Neck Shave, Wash, Style and Drink.


15+ Years of Experience

Brett Sellingham -- Owner

During Brett's fifteen years of being the house barber at the nationally renowned salon and Spa "Not So Plain Janes" located in the North End of the historical Mill Yard in Manchester, NH , he saw a major need/desire for an exclusive gentlemen’s salon & spa that could appropriately service the ever growing progressive male demographic of Manchester. With a long family history of barbering in Italy, Brett has great passion and respect for the men's grooming experience and all that it stands for in the world of MEN. Brett brought his passion of barbering to Not So Plain Janes in 2000, where he quickly became recognized as one of the area’s top Barbers, garnering the media publication “Hippo Press” top Manchester Barber, multiple times.

Brett is extremely proud of the brand that him and his highly talented staff have developed for the gentlemen of greater Manchester..... Varnished Gentlemen’s Salon, Shave Parlor and Spa is a hybrid model that allows the exclusive gentlemen clientele of Manchester to have the conveniences and therapeutic services of a salon, while at the same time enjoying the world glass grooming and bravado of a traditional men’s barber shop. Varnished aligns itself to that of the city in which it resides, it speaks TRADITION, LOYATLY and RESPECT.

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